FAQ’s and Troubleshooting

How do I order a machine?

Follow the instructions on the products page and send us a filled inquiry form on the website. Alternatively you could email us at biz-suprt@mechelonic.com with your requirement, photographs and any other supporting documents you may have.

How do I order a previously supplied machine?

Send us the machine model number, year of supply along with photographs and relevant data to biz-suprt@mechelonic.com

I do not have any specifications of a machine I only have a welded sample?

Please contact us at biz-suprt@mechelonic.com and send us the photographs and all relevant data you may have.

How do I order Spare parts?

  1. Write the mechlonic part number, machine number and machine supply year.
  2. Take a photograph of the part needed.
  3. Send to biz-suprt@mechelonic.com

I have a breakdown what do I do?

  1. Identify the part that has a problem. ( part number, machine model number and year of supply)
  2. What is the kind of problem

Is it a mechanical problem?

Tip worn out, water leaking, air leakage, rusted non-moving mechanical part, or any other?

Is it an electrical/electronic malfunction?

Describe the behaviour.

Is it a welding quality problem?

Inconsistency in weld, inadequate strength or weak weld, power supply linked

  1. Take photograph /s of the problem.
  2. Send to biz-suprt@mechelonic.com

How do I maintain a machine?

Check the manual.