Our Products


Rocker Arm Spot Welder

Economical and durable for the general fabrication needs of shops. Most popular with automobile ancillaries for door panels.


Press Type Welders

Mechelonic Press Welders are designed for a production environment.


Portable Welder- Transgun

Mechelonic offers a range of Transguns for continuous heavy-duty spot welding to support high-speed production.


Bench Welder

Mechelonic Bench Welders are a economical solution for Resistance Welding of small components.


Seam Welder

The Mechelonic Seam welding machines are precision built and of robust construction suitable for a long and trouble free production.


Special Purpose Machine

The Mechelonic Special Purpose Welders are designed using an engineering concept to invent the optimal machine tool to meet the customer’s objective.