Press Type Welders

The Mechelonic Press-type welders are designed for high-speed production work to meet the needs of a vast number of industry applications. The mechelonic press-type pneumatically operated pedestal spot/projection welders are available in different styles of welding head arrangements.


  • Single phase AC/Three-phase DC or MFDC versions
  • Water-cooled secondary
  • Electrodes are T-slotted copper alloy platens
  • Lower electrode set-up adjustable
  • Pneumatic cylinder controlled
  • Air preparations system
  • Low inertia linear cross ram
  • Multi-function foot switch or touch palm buttons

Welding Transformer

  • Single-Phase AC- 20-250 KVA
  • Three-phase DC
  • Mid-frequency option
  • Core is high grade steel
  • IS-4804
  • Class “F” insulation
  • Impregnated and tropicalized
  • Water-cooled
  • Efficient design
  • Mid-frequency inverter DC option

Welding Control

  • Micro-processor
  • Upslope/Downslope
  • Solid-state water cooled
  • Adjustable weld time settings
  • Constant current feature
  • Pulsation
  • Quench and Temper


  • Weld current, weld force, weld displacement monitoring
  • Electronic air pressure regulator
  • No lube pneumatics
  • High lift facility
  • dual-differential pressure system
  • air reservoir
  • Toolings for customer parts

Models: 1500 for single phase AC 2600 series for Three-Phase Balanced Load Type