Seam Welder

The Mechelonic Seam welding machines are precision built and of robust construction suitable for a long and trouble free production. It is used for leak tight assemblies for petrol tank, shock absorbers, oil barrels and shells of can, etc. The seam welders are available for longitudinal, horizontal and universal welding requirements.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Air preparation system
  • Water-cooled wheels
  • Low inertia- anti-friction ram
  • Internal and external cooling feature
  • Varying forms of Electrode drive systems
  • AC or DC current
  • Water-cooled secondary

Welding Transformer

  • Single-Phase AC
  • 3 phase DC option
  • Core is high grade steel
  • IS-4804
  • Class “F” insulation
  • Impregnated and tropicalized
  • Mid-Frequency Inverter DC option
  • Air-Cooled

Welding Control

  • Micro-processor
  • Precision Weld settings
  • Upslope/Downslope
  • Solid-state water cooled
  • Adjustable weld time settings
  • Constant current feature
  • Pulsation
  • Quench and Temper


  • Knurl drive
  • Narrow track drive
  • Dual direct drive
  • PLC integration
  • Weld counter
  • Water flow switch
  • Extra safety guards
  • 230V socket point with CFL I control panel

Machine models:

  • 1800 series 50KVA -250KVA single phase
  • 2600 series 100KVA-500KVA Three –Phase Balanced Load Type