Welding Controls

The mechelonic welding controls state-of-the-art micro-processor based controllers. They are factory-calibrated, versatile and are suited for Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Seam Welding and Special Welding Machines involving PLC based automation and/or PC based Data-acquisition requirements. These controllers are “field-proven” and in-house developed for more than 40 years. Thousands of these controllers are in use in India and abroad.


  • Deliver constant welding current
  • Pulse
  • Closed-loop feedback mechanism
  • Programmable features to generate alarms or re-weld
  • Programmable by a variety of hand-held devices
  • Settable alarms for conformity
  • Easy fault-diagnosis
  • LED display
  • Built-in safeguards
  • Current-stepper schedules
  • Interface port for networking and linking with PC and weld-server systems is optional
  • Facility to set weld-time


  • Single-phase AC types 1KVA-500KVA
  • Three Phase 50 hz 400 volts for 50KVA-1000KVA
  • Mid-Frequency (1000hz) upto 500KVA

Note: Application assistance and quality management is offered as per standards of AWS (USA)